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Because the single-unit recordings in cortex were collected without simultaneous forebrain EEG, we cannot compare the magnitude of neuronal silencing to the broader state of cortex prior to stimulation.

This study deals with an interesting issue, the role of central thalamic nuclei in controlling cortical activation. However, there are several problems with this paper. First, the authors seem to have a poor understanding of the effects that thalamic stimulation delivered at different frequencies has on the cortex. This has been studied previously but there is very little reflection of that knowledge here. I can think of a series of studies in the rat that investigated the cortical effects of frequency-dependent electrical stimulation in the VL/VA thalamic region (adjacent to the targeted CL/PC region) in rats. Those studies showed that stimulation in various thalamic nuclei evoke short-latency frequency-depend excitatory cortical responses that can augment (spreading significantly when stimulating in VL/VA) or depress (when stimulating in VPM/VPL). Importantly, at 10 Hz, stimulation always drives strong long-lasting feedforward inhibition, which hyperpolarizes cortical cells immediately after each short-latency excitatory response (e.g. see Fig. 1 in Castro-Alamancos and Connors, 1996b). This inhibition of cortical cells may explain the negative BOLD observed in S1 during 10 Hz stimulation (20 sec); under this stimulation regimen, cortical cells will be hyperpolarized most of the time.

We thank the reviewer for their critical feedback of our writing and data interpretation, and apologize for several key studies being omitted from our Introduction/Discussion that we now include. In particular, we now discuss feedforward inhibition and the possibility that it underlies the observed frequency-dependent silencing of sensory cortex. After careful consideration of existing literature and our own results, we conclude that feedforward thalamocortical inhibition is unlikely to explain the effects reported here. Several lines of evidence point to this conclusion. First, cortical IPSPs driven by feedforward inhibition typically depress after a few repeated stimuli (Cruikshank et al., 2012; Cruikshank et al., 2010). Second, high frequency activity evokes increased levels of interneuron-driven cortical inhibition relative to excitation, whereas low frequency activity does not (Galarreta and Hestrin, 1998). Third, white matter stimulation increases inhibitory synaptic activity in cortex during 40 Hz, but not 10 Hz, stimulation (Contreras and Llinas, 2001). The figure highlighted by the reviewer (Fig. 1 in Castro-Alamancos and Connors, 1996b) is informative in highlighting the frequency-dependent properties of thalamic stimulation, but suggests that 10 Hz stimulation still evokes cortical spikes with every stimulus. We did not observe this type of response, with the average firing rate in cortex being 3.6 ± 3.4 Hz ( n = 11 neurons, mean ± std) during the 20 s period of 10 Hz stimulation.

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Customizable dashboard

RSEvents!Pro can be customized to show the information you need to see on the dashboard. You can add the modules that you're interested in and remove the ones that you won't need. With the New subscribers module you'll be able to see the latest subscribers for your events. The Upcoming events module will let you access the most important events in order to change things faster and more efficiently.

Create events quickly from the back-end and the front-end

The new AJAX event editing interface maximizes the usability by letting you create categories and locations on the fly, without leaving the page. You can also leave the event incomplete and you'll be able to return and complete it at a later time. We tried to simplify the looks so we grouped fields into specific blocks that will be easier to identify and edit. The event registration and recurring will only show up if you need them. You'll be able to create registration tickets and set up overbooking for each type of ticket or for the whole event. The whole event editing process flows like a wizard making it easier for you to identify and change the details of each event.

Repeat events

We have thought of all the possible ways that you could repeat an event and put them all together, in order to let you create recurring events the way you need it. You can repeat events daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, in some specific days of the week only, once every 2,3 weeks and so on. You'll see exactly how many instances will be created while changing the repetition rules. Also you'll be able to add changes to the whole series of events or only to one of them.

Calendar View

A natural addition is the implementation of calendar views, as event planning or attending implies, among other parameters, starting and ending dates. This type of functionality can be brought to the website's frontend in 2 ways: using the menu item (which also includes filtering capabilities) and the module.

Locate events on the map

Event locations are an important part of any event management component. What good is letting your users know of an event if you can't easily point it's location to them? This type of functionality is implemented, in the frontend, using 3 of RSEvents!Pro's features: the Events map menu item (a map containing all of the events, pinpointed), the colour block espadrille slides Online GLjI6l
module (visible on event detail pages, displays the event's location) and the RSEvents!Pro Map module (similar to the menu item). All of these features are integrated with Google Maps .

Nested categories and tags

The events can now be labeled with tags in order to easily identify them and create listings. Categories have color codes that can show up in the calendar view and you can create unlimited levels parents to better organize your events. Being able to tag events combined with the nested categorization lets your users find the events more easily. When creating a menu item that lists events, you can combine multiple parameters, such as tags, categories, locations and so on. This feature allows you to create personalized listings of events that are in some of the categories and happen in a certain location with certain tags attached. You can also set the default ordering type and direction, and choose the event period and enable the search bar.

Subscription management

RSEvents!Pro lets you track your subscribers and shows all the information you need related to a subscription. Subscribers can be filtered based on the event, the ticket of that event and the status of their payment. You can re-send activation e-mails and change e-mails, names and status of each subscription.

Payment integrations

RSEvents!Pro has a series of payment plugins that can be installed to allow customers to pay with different methods. They can pay using , , , , , , and .

Clever event filtering and listing

The back-end event listing has been improved in order to let you see all the details that you need. One major change is in the way events are displayed: they are now grouped by their time period. "Ongoing events" are displayed first so you can quickly access them; below you'll find "This week", "This month", "Next month" and "Upcoming events", which include events that will be happening after the next month. The events listing can be quickly filtered using one or multiple filters. This way you could filter events happening at a specific location, that are listed in a specific category and so on. Auto-complete helps you search events easily. RSEvents!Pro will suggest terms from it's own database as you type them. Combined filters help you identify an event in thousands in a matter of seconds.

SEO Semantic and Meta editing

RSEvents!Pro shows the events according to that is officialy supported by Google, Bing and Yahoo. This way search engines will understand when the event will take place, where and what images and descriptions are related to the event. The semantic web will make your events and locations rank much higher in search engines. Of course, you're able to change meta description, keywords and title for each of your events on the run. We have improved the event page SEO by using heading tags. You can set up the page title and description on the run to get a better listing.

Front-end layout customization

You can quickly choose what exactly to show when displaying the event to the users. In a bunch of clicks, you can hide end date, description, files or whatever you wish without changing a line of code. For those of you who wish to change the HTML of the layout, we know you'll be happy to hear that RSEvents!Pro now allows template overriding. We have created an article that explains how to create a template override for your template.

Image galleries integration

Our Joomla! Image Gallery extension - RSMediaGallery! , is seamlessly integrated with RSEvents!Pro. This will let you quickly post pictures on the event and on the locations pages.

Intuitive frontend events listing

Your users will be able to search through events using the smart filtering options. They can combine multiple filters to refine their search with the intuitive filter dropdowns. When creating a menu item that lists events, you can combine multiple parameters, such as tags, categories, locations and so on in order to show up exactly what you want, when you want it.

Address suggested by Google API

When editing the location address, Google will automatically suggest locations while you're typing. Also, you can get the address directly by moving the pin on the Google map. You can add the location URL and the description that will show up for the visitors.

Quickly add the location when editing the event

It often happens that you forget to first add the location and then create the event, so we overcame this by letting you to create locations while creating the event. Locations will show up while you're typing the name in the event location field and if no match is found, the add location window will show up.

Image gallery for the location

Each location can have it's own set of images generated with RSMediaGallery! - our Joomla! image gallery extension. The two are perfectly integrated and all you have to do is to select the tags that your images have.

Get directions from your location to the event

Users that look at your location can get directions from their address to the event directly with a click.

— Annelies Hoolmans - SiteTurn webdesign onderhoud

“ Very useful and easy to use products, but most of all they impressed me by the outstanding quality of their customer service. ”

— Tony Gavin | CEO - VisiSearch

“ I think that almost every non-core extension on the site is an RSJoomla! product. What you guys create really is pretty exceptional. Like all RSJoomla! products the support just ROCKS! Love your work guys. ”

— Wilco Alsemgeest - Business Owner of Connecting Connections

“ RSFirewall! is easy to install, good default settings, many advanced configurations possible, great system check tool and import/export feature. Why would you leave your website unprotected, when you use an anti-virus on your computer? ”


Calendars can be pretty useful to organize your events. The RSEvents!Pro Calendar modules offers a simple mean to mark your events in a calendar format.

Event search

The RSEvents!Pro Search module offers two modes. A simple search to quickly display your search results while typing a keyword and an that would allow your to filter results based on categories, dates and locations.

Event slideshows

The RSEvents!Pro Slider Module allows you to present current and upcoming events as a slide show. To accommodate your needs, the module parameters incorporate two display modes (simple and advanced), color themes and various sliding effects to choose from.

Location module

RSEvents!Pro offers great features to organize your event related data. Using the you will be able to display location related information, including a Google Map, directly within a module position. This is very useful when trying to save up space in the main content area.


Often used in mid level positions, the is just another way to organize your data on event detail pages.

Locations listing

This module offers a simple way to display your current locations. Clicking on a location will display a list of events that occur there.

Category listing

As in the case of locations, the category listing module displays your published event categories. Clicking on a category will display the events that have been added to that particular category.

Events archive

RSEvents!Pro offers the possibility to archive expired events. This can either be done manually or automatically. The module can be used to display these events, with the possibility to set it up so that it only displays events from certain and or having certain .

Map of events

You are given the possibility to display a map containing all of your events, pinpointed, in a module position. This is possible through the use of the module.

Featured events

To make some events stand out in the events listing, you can mark them as featured . They can also be grouped together, in a module position, using the module.

Upcoming events

Naturally, you will surely need to let your users know of future events as well, not just events that are already taking place. The module does just that, it lists events that are yet to come.

Popular events

Using this module you can List the events whose pages were visited most often. Its functionality is based on a hit counter that can also be displayed on the events' pages.


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We only release our extensions in English. All other language packs are donated by the community. Please note that not all translations may be complete, up to date or correct.

Please make sure you are running the latest versions of Joomla!. Our extensions are developed and tested to work only with the latest versions of Joomla!
The minimum requirements to run RSEvents!Pro are:
The RSEvents!Pro component was designed following the Joomla! standard, for a proper display and functionality we recommend using Bootstrap 2.3.2 .

Before purchasing, download an install RSTester! for Joomla! 3 — this extension will check if your server is compatible with our extensions.

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It’s nice to have some empirical evidence to remind us all to keep our smartphones out of sight whenever we need to be fully present and in the moment. This new clinical research from the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin also serves to reinforce the validity and importance of "smartphone-distancing behaviors" in other aspects of life, such as while driving or socializing face-to-face with friends and family.

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We all understand the joys of our always-wired world—the connections, the validations, the laughs…the information. But we are only beginning to get our minds around the costs. —Andrew Sullivan (2016)

For their latest research on the reduction of cognitive capacity caused by the mere sight of one's own smartphone, Dolce amp; Gabbana Leopard Print Sandals Buy Cheap High Quality 6gEM3Ih
and co-authors from McCombs conducted two different experiments with nearly 800 smartphone users.

In the first experiment, the researchers asked study participants to take a series of tests that required full concentration and gauged cognitive capacity while sitting at a desk. Before the test began, all participants were instructed to put their phones in “silent” airplane mode. Then, participants were randomly assigned to place their smartphones either on the desk face down, in their pocket or personal bag, or in another room. As mentioned earlier, the researchers found that participants who left their phones in another room significantly outperformed those with their phones anywhere physically close to them while taking the test.

In the second experiment, the researchers found that participants who had been identified as extremely dependent on their smartphones performed much worse on cognitive tests than their less-dependent peers if they kept their smartphones on the desk, in their pocket, or in a bag. The good news is that when the smartphone was placed in another room, all study participants—regardless of someone’s pre-existing degree of smartphone dependence—performed equally well on cognitive capacity tests.

Adrian Ward summed up his 's research findings in a statement to UT Austin:"We see a linear trend that suggests that as the smartphone becomes more noticeable, participants' available cognitive capacity decreases. Your conscious mind isn't thinking about your smartphone, but that process—the process of requiring yourself to not think about something—uses up some of your limited cognitive resources. It's a brain drain."

One of the most valuable takeaways from this study is that it doesn’t seem to matter whether your smartphone is turned on oroff—or whether it's face up or face down on a desk close to you...Just having your smartphone within sight can reduce your proficiency on cognitive tasks that require your undivided attention. Luckily for all of us, putting your smartphonein another room,a pocket, orthe bottomof a bag seems to be an easy remedy forthisproblem.

Think it's time to upgrade your traditional watch by adding some apps and notifications to your wrist? Here are the features to look for, along with the top-rated smartwatches we've tested.
By Alex Colon
PCMag reviews products independently , but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Terms of use .

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has been around since the 1970s, but smartwatches have finally reached the point that they're, well, smart. And now that the Apple Watch has catapulted the category into the mainstream, smartwatches are no longer accessories associated primarily with tech geeks. From running apps, to displaying smartphone notifications, to monitoring your heart rate, the latest crop of smartwatches do a lot more than just tell time. But which one should you buy? We've rounded up our top-rated options to help you decide. It's also important to know what to look for, so keep the following advice in mind when shopping around.

Fitbit Versa

MSRP: $199.95 $199.95 at Amazon

Bottom Line: The Fitbit Versa offers just the right blend of smartwatch and fitness tracking features for a reasonable price.

Bottom Line:
MSRP: $269.00 $199.99 at Amazon

Bottom Line: The Apple Watch is the best smartwatch yet, but it's more of a luxury item than a replacement for your Timex.

MSRP: $329.00 Nisolo Woven Leather Flats w/ Tags Buy Cheap Discounts The Cheapest Cheap Online In China Cheap Online HLjnvJe

Bottom Line: Apple adds cellular connectivity and doubles down on fitness features with the Watch Series 3, but it comes at a price.

MSRP: $299.95 $249.95 at Amazon

Bottom Line: The Fitbit Ionic is an ambitious and promising smartwatch with a focus on fitness and accurate tracking, but its success will depend on the growth of its app ecosystem.

MSRP: $299.99 $229.00 at Amazon

Bottom Line: The Huawei Watch 2 features excellent fitness tracking capabilities and is the strongest showcase for Android Wear 2.0 we've seen so far, but that still doesn't make it a perfect smartwatch....

MSRP: $299.99 $299.99 at Best Buy

Bottom Line: The Samsung Gear Sport is a Tizen-based smartwatch with a fitness focus that gives Android Wear a run for its money.

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